5 Simple Reasons to Go Self Catering

15 March, 2011

The benefits of staying away from hotels

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Where family holidays are concerned, the ease of a hotel with half or full board seems like an attractive option in order to take some of the hassle out of the holiday and let someone else take care of at least part of the feeding process.

However, while the lure of not having to worrying about cooking for a week or two can be strong, self catering offers a number of benefits that can help add to your holiday experience.

You Take in More of the Local Area

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In order to really get your teeth into a local culture, there’s nothing quite like exploring how and where they get their food from. Not only will you pick up some interesting sights, sounds and smells as you peruse the fresh produce for ingredients destined for your culinary masterpiece – it’s also a great way to pick up some snippets of the language.

Even if you’re holidaying in the UK, catching a taste of the local regional flavour is definitely worthwhile. Companies like HomeAway UK self catering give you the opportunity to see different parts of the UK in a way you might not have experienced before.

It’s Cheaper

save money travellingUnless you plan well in advance and grab some great deals, taking a holiday is often an expensive business, especially when lots of family members are involved. Self catering can offer you the chance to save a significant amount of money over the course of the holiday, money that can be spent on making the event even more memorable with an exciting visit or family treat.

You Sample More of the Local Flavour

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It sounds obvious, but taking the self-catering option allows you to experience more of the local culinary influences as you browse through the food markets and supermarkets of your chosen holiday destination. This can help you become inspired to recreate some of the local delicacies and perhaps even take those flashes of inspiration home with you.

Seeing and buying the local food will give you a better appreciation of what makes the destination’s cuisine tick, making it a journey of discovery for your cooking repertoire as well as your taste buds.

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The Whole Family Can Join In

family cooking out together

Nothing adds to the holiday atmosphere of familial fun and togetherness than a communally cooked meal. For big meals, if everyone pitches in with the preparation process, the meal can taste all the better for it.

You Make your Own Schedule

family eating out chatting togetherMaking your own meals means making your own mealtimes. There’s nothing like being able to plan your day’s activities without having to impose a hotel kitchen’s restrictions on them.

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  • Daryl DescallarReply

    4 July, 2012 at 10:15 am

    I agree. I have more fun immersing myself in the food culture than just sightseeing when I travel. Thanks a lot passportchop!

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