Adventure Holiday Ideas Around the World

18 December, 2011

The one thing most people look for in a holiday is the chance to get away from everyday life, to try something a little bit out of the ordinary. Whether it’s an amazing hotel or coming face-to-face with rare and exotic animals, everyone wants to come away with amazing memories and plenty of stories to regale friends and colleagues with.

If you’re looking for the perfect, unique break this summer, why not try an adventure holiday? Once popular with a select group of people, adventure holidays are now all the rage and offer you the chance to experience plenty of things you never thought possible. Here is a look at the best adventure breaks for 2012, and some advice on how to get the most out of your holiday… happy travelling!

Camping is always a fun activity, but to give it that Ray Mears-edge, why not avoid family-friendly holiday parks and take yourself off into the wilderness? Scotland has plenty of quiet, remote islands off its northern coast, and many tourists are trekking there to live off the land and get back to basics. In the summer, the weather can be unexpectedly mild, so take some decent clothing and footwear and start exploring. Your local outdoors shop will be able to advise you on the best clothing options, from walking boots for men to lightweight waterproofs.

For many people, seeing the Northern Lights remains a heavy fixture on their ‘Bucket List’, and NASA have predicted that 2012 and 2013 are set to be particularly spectacular years. For added adventure, why not trek to your chosen vantage point? Spring is an excellent time of year for the lights due to the increased visibility, and with a bit of forward planning the trek isn’t too difficult; take plenty of food and fresh water as well as a decent selection of clothing, and study the route carefully. Footwear should also be considered: sturdy walking boots will be required for the daytime, but for quieter nights you’ll need something more lightweight such as sensible Merrell shoes or strong trainers. Don’t forget your camera!

Finally, for a warmer experience without missing out on the excitement, a safari holiday is a great way of getting back to nature, as well as meeting some of the world’s most spectacular animals. There are plenty of African destinations that offer this, but Kenya remains one of the best for sheer variety of animals and the size of its parks.

Many opt to hire a car to get around, but if you’re after something more active why not consider a hike with a guide? Most safari parks will offer this option, and some may even let you camp overnight in the bush so you can get about as close to the animals as possible. However, while this option is perfect for outdoors lovers and animal fans alike, don’t forget that most guides will only allow appropriate guests onto the hiking tours: ensure you’re of a reasonable level of fitness before you arrive.

Wherever you choose to spend your adventure getaway, it’s important to remember that with this sort of holiday, preparation is key. You’ll need to take a whole range of things that wouldn’t be necessary for a normal beach holiday, so consult your travel company for advice and make sure you shop around to find the best items for you. From heavy-duty waterproofs to torches, flasks and sturdy Merrell boots, there’s plenty you’ll need to remember, so get organised early to ensure you don’t forget anything. After that, it’s simple: enjoy the holiday, take plenty of pictures, and get ready to make plenty of people jealous upon your return.


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