Airport Amenities to Ease the Pain of Traveling

20 January, 2010

Traveling, whether it be for business or for pleasure can cause many headaches along the way. Could airport amenities possibly serve as the silver lining to your travel frustrations? This article by Priority Club Connect, provides some suggestions on how you can tap on certain airport amenities to relieve some pain of traveling.

All over the world individual airline terminals are being revamped to suit the go-go-go pace that runs most of our lives. From convenient shops to restaurants to luxurious pampering services, there are many ways to ease the pain of traveling, especially when there are major layovers, delays or worst of all flight cancellations. Here are some great amenities and services that travelers would love to see more of at airports and offered by airlines.

Meal and drink vouchers offered by airlines. First and foremost, everyone needs to eat. Meal and drink vouchers can turn disgruntled travelers into satisfied, jolly travelers. What would further enhance the process would be better choices of restaurants and bars at airports vs. your typical fast food joints. Airlines could also offer mileage certificates to help keep loyal passengers.

Free WiFi in all locations is a must. Now days, most travelers are carrying a computer with them. Business travelers certainly need free WiFi to prepare for their upcoming meetings. In addition, several terminals should come with more power outlets.

You can’t expect an elite traveler to be standing around with heavy carry on bags waiting for a delayed flight to come in. Free passes to lounges for elite travelers could make traveling experiences a lot more delightful.

One of the most popular amenities suggested are massage places. Imagine yourself getting chair massages and foot massages that could relax and rejuvenate tired bodies and feet before boarding.

Some airports could really step it up and offer rooms to relax in where there is soft music playing, comfy chairs, a place to read in tranquility, rooms like “decompression chambers” or better yet mini hotels.

Let’s not forget about families traveling with kids. Catching a flick at an airport movie theater could really calm the children down or perhaps something more active like visiting an airport museum. How about some old fashioned family fun with board games?

Other amenities that might appeal to aggravated travelers are airport chapels/meditation rooms and exercise rooms.

Instead of watching the same boring programs on airport big screens, picture individualized television sets at each seat with private headsets. Waiting rooms could be reinvented!

Several airports these days are trying to improve their terminals so that travelers have a more pleasurable experience. Airports such as Seoul Incheon International, and Amsterdam Schiphol, already offer exciting activities and indulgences. Let’s hope that more airports will follow their lead!

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