3 Asian Cities to Visit for Street Food

15 July, 2015

There are numerous reasons why a person takes a trip abroad. Some go for business, others for pleasure – exploring new cultures and seeing incredible sights. Some like the adventure, others go to relax – and there is a huge category of travelers who leave their home with the goal of exploring new sensations with their taste buds. Culinary tourism is an important part of the tourist industry, helping travelers explore unique, new eating and drinking experiences all over the world. But it is not confined to luxury restaurants, not at all. There is an entire world of food you can enjoy while walking the street or playing platinum play online casino games in the park. Street food is always amazing to explore, especially in Asia, where it is available in an incredible variety. Here are the three best cities to explore street food in Asia.

1. Penang, Malaysia

Although Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is said to have the most food stalls in the country, Penang is considered the best place to find good eats in the streets. The food stalls in this tropical island are a perfect reflection of the country’s colorful ethnic mix. Visitors can try Malay and Indian dishes, Chinese foods (especially in George Town, an authentic Chinatown in the island), Thai-style dishes and many more. The variety includes foods made using a lot of pork and chicken, but sea food is also omnipresent there.

2. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a strong competitor for the top spot on my list, missing it by just a bit. Taipei’s Night Market offers foodies from all over the world an incredible variety of dishes, everything from “steamed dumplings to stinky tofu”, as an article in the Lonely Planet states. Taipei’s street food market is a controlled chaos, adding even more excitement to the mix – it is a colorful mess, filled with history and culture besides exotic tastes and smells. Food carts are roaming the streets all day and all night, offering incredible eats to anyone.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is not only one of the biggest cities in Asia, it is also considered by most the street food capital of the world. The food here is omnipresent, tasty, filling and most of the times affordable. The Victory Monument (Anusawari Chai Samoraphum) area is considered one of the best places to find great food (except on Mondays, which are street cleaning days in Bangkok, reducing the number of vendors by half). The variety of foods available here cover almost all corners of Asia, from Thai dishes to Chinese and Malay foods, not forgetting about the Indian varieties.

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