Top 10 Brunch Spots in Melbourne You’ve Got to Try

17 March, 2021

Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria and is one of Australia’s most famous tourist destinations. The city’s popularity is brought about by a lot of things, including its array of cultural attractions, robust art scene, incredible beaches, and buzzing nightlife. But perhaps one of Melbourne’s main draws is its local dining scene. Over the years, the Victorian capital has established itself as a major foodie destination with its thriving culinary choices.

In fact, one of the main things that both locals and tourists love to do in Melbourne is to eat brunch. A portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, brunch is a meal that is served anywhere between morning until mid-afternoon (and is sometimes accompanied by an alcoholic drink). The city of Melbourne is known for its café culture and “brunching” has become somewhat of a lifestyle for Melburnians and visitors. 

With so many fabulous places to consider, we’ve narrowed the list down to the top 10 brunch spots in Melbourne. (Pro tip: Take away any hassle of carrying heavy bags and backpacks by storing your things at a luggage locker in the city.)


  • Manchester Press


If you’re looking for the best bagels in town, look no further than Manchester Press. Open 24/7, this quaint café is located on Rankins Lane and serves an array of open and closed bagel dishes, including their signature blueberry bagel with banana, mascarpone, bacon, and maple syrup. They also offer their own version of the “avo smash”, which is an Aussie brunch staple, served with feta and cherry tomatoes.

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Perhaps the most popular brunch spot in the Footscray area, Rudimentary is an excellent choice catering to all kinds of diners. The lovely café has quite an extensive menu that suits all diets and preferences – from meat-eaters and omnivores to vegan and gluten-free diners. Some of the favorite dishes at Rudimentary include the saffron pilaf breakfast bowl and the sticky-date waffle. Don’t forget to try their selection of coffees (tip: try their beloved version of Vietnamese coffee).



No doubt a crowd favorite, Archie’s All Day is one of the most popular spots to grab breakfast or brunch. Found in Melbourne’s Fitzroy suburb, the café stays true to its name by offering all kinds of dishes no matter what time it is. The menu at Archie’s is quite diverse; they offer traditional brunch staples such as the avo toast and scrambled eggs and bacon as well as inventive dishes such as vegan mapo tofu and huevos sucio (dirty eggs).



This hole-in-the-wall diner may not seem that impressive from the outside but don’t let the looks fool you; Bowery to Williamsburg is a definite top choice for excellent brunch in Melbourne. Situated in Oliver Lane, the New York-inspired café is named after the city’s Bowery subway station. As you’ve probably already guessed, the menu here consists mainly of American breakfast staples such as Southern fried chicken with waffles, Good Morning Cubano sandwich, and bagels with various spreads.

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Located in South Melbourne, a stone’s throw away from Albert Park, The Kettle Black is one of Melbourne’s most renowned cafés, and it’s easy to see why. The menu at Kettle Black is diverse and decadent, featuring sophisticated dishes such as their miso-cured salmon, breakfast salad, and house-made coconut yogurt with a variety of toppings. They also serve a range of drinks that pair well with their brunch items, such as mimosas and Bloody Mary. However, The Kettle Black is always packed so it’s best to book a table ahead of time to secure a spot.



Located in the Balaclava suburb is one of the trendiest brunch spots in the city – Monk Bodhi Dharma. A former bakery, the industrial-warehouse style spot has since become a full-fledged café that serves amazing coffee and all plant-based dishes. Don’t let the animal-free menu deter you, though; Monk Bodhi’s extensive menu is appealing to both vegans and non-vegans with items such as the acai bowl, banana pancakes, avocado sourdough toast, and more.



Found along Rose Street in the Fitzroy neighborhood, Industry Beans is pretty much a dining institution in Melbourne, having garnered a number of awards for its incredible coffee selection as well as impressive design. Industry Beans is housed in a former warehouse transformed into a roastery and café, complete with a tasting lab and training facilities for coffee production. While the coffee alone is worth visiting for, Industry Beans also boasts a solid brunch menu featuring dishes such as overnight oats, chili eggs, and avocado smash.

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With two locations in the city (and one in Paris!), Hardware Société has long been a favorite in the city’s brunch community. The dining spot has a French-themed menu, featuring breakfast and lunch staples such as French toast, fried brioche and meringue, and pork belly and eggs. If you’re feeling fancy, order their most popular and indulgent item on the menu – the “lobster benny”, which is lobster served with soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and charcoal buns. Since the restaurant has a “no reservations” policy, it is best to come early to avoid long queues.



Higher Ground is another staple in Melbourne’s brunch scene and is brought to you by the same group behind The Kettle Black and several other cafés across the city. Definitely not your ordinary café, the dining space is enormous and provides guests with a unique dining experience. Higher Ground’s menu is divided into two categories, “day:” and “night”, but diners can order whatever they feel like having regardless of the time. Some of the most popular dishes at Higher Ground include their slow-cooked steak with parsnip puree and the avocado-seed cracker with macadamia feta and poached eggs.



Situated along Flinders Lane, Cumulus Inc. is among the most beloved dining spots in the Melbourne Central Business District. The brainchild of chef Andrew McConnell, who also serves as the executive chef, the spot brands itself as an “all-day eating house” that highlights the use of fresh, local produce. The menu here is quite eclectic and features meals such as shakshouka, homemade crumpets with honey and whipped ricotta, and a full English breakfast. They also offer the best madeleines in the city; these are made to order and can be filled with either Nutella or lemon curd.

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