Budgeting for a Family Summer Break

9 February, 2014

With Christmas and New Year festivities dulling into a distant memory, many families will be feeling the pinch having indulged during December. January is always a long month, and it can feel like the winter, and being short on cash will never end. Don’t despair, the summer will soon be here, and now is a great time to take stock and start budgeting for one of the cheap family holidays from http://www.co-operativetravel.co.uk/. Here are a few tips to help you build up your pot of holiday dosh.

Sell what you don’t need

In the wake of Christmas you will probably find yourself with a fresh wave of toys, new clothes and other knick-knacks to house. This is the perfect opportunity to go through your things and work out what you no longer need. You can then sell some of this on, either through sites like eBay, or by going to your local car boot. You get some space back, and you have some money to put in your holiday fund.

Look after the pennies

If you save the loose change and pennies that accumulate in your purse, car, sofa cushions, and everywhere else you will actually find that this adds up to quite a few pounds. Gather this shrapnel in a jar, and whilst it might not pay your airfare, it might just buy you a meal out whilst away.

Don’t deny your family little treats

Just because you are saving for a holiday doesn’t mean you should forgo anything fun in the meantime. Putting every last pound you have spare away will mean no little treats for the 6 or so months running up to the summer, which is no fun at all. Allowing your family a few treat days and saving the rest will feel much nicer. If all else fails look for free things you can all do together, such as nice walks or visits to local museums.

Planning summer holiday is the perfect remedy to the January blues, and it needn’t be out of reach. Book a bargain holiday for you and your family this summer and start saving now so you can sit back and relax come departure day.

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