5 Top Reasons To Travel To Calgary

20 May, 2018

Nothing can be compared to the Canadian beauty and travel experience that is nestled in Calgary. Calgary is not just a tourist destination, but a whole new world. Travelling to Calgary gives you an experience of a lifetime.

From the mesmerizing natural beauty to the warm and hospitable people, Calgary is an ideal tourist destination for people of all ages. There are innumerable places to see and things you can indulge in to get the true Canadian experience.

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A Visit To Prince’s Island Park

An immensely beautiful and vast park in downtown, the Prince’s Island park is not just an amazing place to spend a beautiful day with your family, but also the hub of a lot of activities, festival and carnivals in Calgary. The events like Calgary Folk Festival and Canada Day Celebration are held in this park. Also, this park hosts the Chevron Learning Pathway that educates the people about wetlands and how water is treated in these wetlands in an exquisitely interesting manner.

Glenbow Museum

Whether you are a history lover, art enthusiast or one of the culture aficionados, you can certainly satisfy your cravings at this huge and brillaint museum. The exhibits in the museum present a mesmerizing insight into Western Canada’s culture, including details about First Nation Tribes to one of the most extensive collections of military memorabilia. It is one of the biggest art museums in Canada.

Calgary Zoo

Situated on St. George’s Island, the vast Calgary Zoo houses over 1400 animals. Ranging from exclusive animals which you can see only in Canada like moose and bears to Kangaroos as well as emus. The animals live in enclosures which closely resemble their natural habitat, and you can witness a sprawling botanical garden in this zoo as well. One of the most popular attractions of the Zoo is its Prehistoric path that showcases how Dinosaurs used to live on earth.

Banff National Park

Located in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes that you will see in your lifetime. Known for its panoramic mountain ranges, ski resorts and strikingly stunning lakes, there are innumerable ways to enjoy your stay in this National Park. Whether you are seeking an adrenaline rush, some adventure activities like hiking, biking and skiing or simply want to bask in the sun surrounded by the immense beauty of nature, there can’t be a better place than Banff National Park located near Calgary.

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Staying In One Of The Alpine Lodges

Staying in a warm lodge in the middle of the snow is one of the dreams of most people. In Calgary, you can see this dream coming true. There are many resorts near and around Calgary that offer an exquisite view of the Alpines and let you stay warm in snowy woods while enjoying your day.

So, what are you thinking about. Book a flight to Calgary for your next holiday to get an experience of a lifetime.

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