10 Pre-Trip Preparation Tips for an Enjoyable Caravan Road Trip Holiday

29 November, 2014

Going on a road trip in a caravan in the United States of America (USA) is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable camping options for travelling enthusiasts. There are many camping sites that can be reached by a caravan and the adjacent attractions can be explored easily with caravan camping  Here are 10 tips to consider for pre-trip preparation for a fun caravan holiday.

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You caravan will require a thorough check up and caravan insurance before you set out for a journey. It not only ensures that the vehicle delivering its best service but also you are fulfilling your responsibility by protecting it against damage and theft by buying the best caravan insurance. You need to consider few more things while you are touring on caravan holidays.

  1. Check the weather conditions of the camping location. See the camping rule book and check if your caravan is fit enough to go to the place. If the harsh extremities of the climate can be handled by the caravan features. Park your caravan under a tree if you are caught in a thunderstorm.
  2. Leave you caravan number and model details with an acquaintance of yours, so that in case of any missing incident your caravan can be traced and that might help the rescuers to reach out to you.
  3. Check the right layout of the caravan suiting your purpose, if you are going for a sports destination make sure the interior space is decked up with the right accessories; if you have your family along with, the interiors of the caravan should be homely. A perfect trip can only be possible if your accommodation and travelling is soothing and stress free – thus check the comfort level offered by the caravan for sure.
  4. Battery charge levels and gas availability is a must check and make sure they are full and you are also carrying spare ones.
  5. For caravan touring, a guide map that speaks about the routes in minute details is essential. You might be well versed with the area; but adversities can crop up anytime and darkness can make able people go blind. Thus, carry a map for safety.
  6. Amenities within a caravan vary as per the need of the buyer. However, try to buy a caravan with showers and chemical toilets as you will be able to have a hygienic toilet time anywhere in that case.
  7. Buy a caravan with twin-axles and they offer a greater stability and hold on the road. Single-axles are good for manoeuvring if you push your caravan manually in its parking space. Reversing is much easier with twin-axle.
  8. Before starting off the tour, make sure you know how to tow a caravan; there are many caravanning clubs that offer crash courses on learning the proper towing methods of a caravan. You will gain confidence to move ahead with the vehicle once you have the formal training.
  9. The last check up of the caravan should be done by the specialist. Keep it in the garage for a day and get all the mechanical conditions are perfectly in shape. Check the electrical goods as well.
  10. The final guidance to go on a tour with a caravan is that understand your vehicle in and out. Read the manual yourself and ask the co-travellers to read it as well so that any irresponsible act does not bring upon any accidents.

Picture credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/harry_nl/

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  • Alice GenohReply

    15 December, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Very informative and appreciate your post. These Christmas holidays everyone is planning for small trip and your post will very helpful for searchers and give them such a useful advice.
    The ten tips which you have shared for pre planning campervan holidays is really great for people who are planning such trip.

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