Planning the Ultimate Climbing Adventure

11 January, 2015

If you enjoy the thrill of an adventure vacation and exploring the great outdoors, there are few breaks that can compare to a climbing getaway. However, unlike a relaxing beach break or city tour, there are several things that you should consider before booking, namely the destination that will best suit your abilities and needs, and preparing your adventure wardrobe.

Choose your own adventure

If you like the sound of exploring the mountains and hopping across sheer cliff faces, there are a number of considerations to make. Destination is key; it should be somewhere with the right landscape to explore, and a place that is within your abilities, while staying within your budget and mileage restrictions. If this is your first climbing adventure, it makes sense to stay a little closer to home, allowing you to test your boundaries before you make the decision to really push yourself physically. Other destination considerations that need to be made include whether there are any specific safety concerns that relate to the area, whether it is subject to extreme weather conditions at particular times of the year, if it can be difficult to navigate, or if it is a communication black spot. Be familiar with the terrain you’re heading to, and carefully plan all routes.

Staying safe and stylish

If you are a seasoned climber you will no doubt be aware of all the things you will need to pack to ensure a safe and fun trip. If this is your first climbing adventure, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is taking the correct clothing. Luckily, outdoor and climbing wear is particularly fashionable at the moment, so you are sure to find comfortable, stylish clothing that will keep you warm and safe. Many adventure outlets cater specifically for gender now, with workout clothes for women, and a women’s collection, readily available. Got your climbing wardrobe figured out? It is not enough to simply choose the right clothing; safety must be at the fore of every decision that you make. Garments that will support your muscles as you warm up, climb, and descend are especially important, as is safety equipment such as helmets, ropes, and clips; you can never be too prepared.

Be sure to take enough supplies for the duration of your trip; it is far better to take more than you are likely to need, as long as you stay within your limits in terms of luggage that you can carry. Make sure you have emergency funds for anything you might need to purchase; you won’t be able to carry everything with you, and you will need money to cover every eventuality. Provide friends and family with details of your location and proposed itinerary so that they can send assistance should you lose contact with them. Purchase suitable travel insurance before leaving; check your policy – are you covered for every activity that you are proposing to undertake?

A climbing holiday can be a great way to spend your time. However, you must be prepared for every eventuality. From the clothing you need to keep you safe and stylish to essential safety equipment, and even the right destination for you, it is time to start planning for that ultimate climbing holiday now.

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