Travelling in Croatia – Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Trogir

15 November, 2013

Situated on the Adriatic coast is a small and beautiful country called Croatia which is growing as one of the most popular tourist destination.  In 2005 alone, there are approximately 10 million tourists in Croatia with most of them wanting to take a quick look at the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas.  Croatia has everything on offer for the average tourist. Nature lover, adventure seeker, History enthusiast or shopping lover, Croatia will definitely satisfy them with its splendor. Nature lovers have everything to choose from including Scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking and much more.

Sailing across Croatia’s eye-catching coastline is a wonderful experience.  With more than 1,180 islands and 3,000-mile long coastline, one can feel the grandeur of the magic the country can bring.  White sands, clear blue waters and coral reefs, the coasts of Croatia have it all. Croatia also has magnificent mountains and clean rivers. Tourists usually come to Croatia for its beaches and sand, but nature lovers can never miss the 8 national parks over here. The parks are overflowing with Flora and Fauna and cascading waterfalls. The wildlife here is varied from the bear, wild sheep to the Lynx. Most of the land here is protected. There are some 44 types of herbal species, which are protected, and 381 species of wildlife.

Zagreb – The Capital

There are many unexplored caves, mountains etc in the forests. If that was nature, the shopping and nightlife in Croatia is sprawling as well. Head off straight to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and explore the museums that the place has. Zagreb is also called the city of museums, as there are more museums per square foot in this place than any other place in the world. This place is not so popular with tourists and hence you can enjoy a silent evening sitting in one of the cafes and simply watch the world go by.



If you want to sail in Croatia’s southern regions, start your journey in the port of Dubrovnik. It is one of Croatia’s most visited tourist attractions, especially by yacht enthusiasts, because of its close proximity to Adriatic Sea. The city of Dubrovnik, which has a population of about 45,000, is also a cultural center because of its medieval urban walls, historic Rector Palace, and remarkable old-fashioned convents. I highly recommend that you take a couple of days of your charter and stay in a local hotel in the city.  If you plan to enjoy a luxurious trip in Dubrovnik, then a stay at the 5* Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik is a must-do luxury holiday experience. As a general guide you should regard Split to Dubrovnik as a minimum of a one week trip and give it two weeks if you need to start and finish in the same marina.



Trogir is another magnificent city that Croatia has to offer. This is one of the best places to stop on the Dalmatian coast. St.Lawrence church is one of the grandest structures in Trogir. Besides this, Croatia also has over 20 naturist resorts, nudist beaches and a lot more.


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