Holidays at Sea: Cruises in 2013

19 September, 2012

Cruises have always been considered the holiday solution for the elderly, but recently things have changed. In fact, a recent study suggests that the holiday cruise sector is becoming popular among younger holidaymakers, with almost half of young people aged 15 to  24 (who were surveyed) considering to go on a cruise in future.

This is not surprising considering the many advantages in choosing a cruise over a traditional holiday.

Affordable Online Cruise Package Deals

Navigating the depths of the World Wide Web, it’s easy to find amazing deals on cruises in the Mediterranean or Florida, the Caribbean or the Far East. Just browsing , one can see that seven nights cruises start from as little as £675 for an all-inclusive package tour of Italy, France and Spain shores. When booking a cruise, it’s a fact that you’re getting good value for your money – the room, drinks and meals are all included, plus the transportation to and from different destinations.

Minimal During-Trip Packing Hassle

Let’s be honest, there’s no other way of travelling that allows you to wake up somewhere new without having to pack and unpack every day. Once you book your trip and transportation to and from the launch site, the rest is easy.  So easy that if you’re travelling with your kids you won’t have to worry about getting them on flight after flight and in and out hotels without losing anything (including your wits). Parents can relax as everything is available on board, including a ship medical wing and shops, but most importantly, activities of all kinds for kids, adults, and older folks. Grown-ups can enjoy a well-deserved time to chill out and children don’t get bored.

Great Customer Service and Hospitality Onboard Cruise Ships

Put an end to squalid hotels, skimpy and unhealthy breakfasts at very early hours and rude staff. The customer service and hospitality on board of cruise ships is unbeatable and you’ll get a five star treatment at a great price. Even if your cabin is on the small side, the infinite length of the decks facing the sea is sure to compensate its size.

Interesting Themed Cruises

Some cruise lines also offer themed cruises, with the Disney-themed ones being amongst the most popular. Check, for example, to get an idea of the selection of themed cruises around Florida (home of Orlando’s famous Walt Disney World theme park) and Mexico.

If you intend to travel with grumpy teenagers wanting to go on holiday on their own, proposing a cruise can be the perfect compromise for both parties. The youngsters can enjoy time on their own, hanging out by the pool with new friends, while parents can rest, knowing that the ship is a controlled and safe environment. Tom Rees, senior travel analyst at Mintel, said, “Young adults like the idea of an adventure at sea, and the house party atmosphere of an on-board holiday can appeal to many young package holidaymakers as a change from resort-based trips.”

Staying Out Late with Nightly Entertainment

Different entertainment every night is certainly a huge attraction for people in their twenties travelling with friends or young couples. No more expensive taxi rides or wandering off unknown foreign streets when drunk. One can have fun on board, going to theatre shows and to the disco nights after.

The statistics also showed that one in 20 youngsters has actually been on a cruise holiday (in comparison to nearly a 1/3 of people aged 65 to 74), and they believe cruises are a good way to explore far-flung destinations. In fact, with new destinations including the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia and Asia, the guided day trips provided by the cruise operators can come in handy when not knowing the local language.

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  • chineReply

    20 September, 2012 at 1:12 am

    well very few advantages are there but nice post as usual. Good Job

  • Far East HolidaysReply

    28 September, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    I want to spend my holidays on a cruise ship with my friends. I like adventurous tour.

  • AliceReply

    4 October, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Cruise ship should be comfortable and much more safety that will really ensure a good and quality service. You won’t gonna be paying for a bad trip isn’t it? However, finding a good cruise is a lot difficult to find but just be inquisitive and you’ll surely have it.

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