Europe’s Hidden Gem – Croatia’s Beaches

30 August, 2012

Looking for a holiday with beautiful coasts, amazing inland landscapes and all the hustle and bustle of a modern city? Then Croatia is the island for you. Over recent years the amount of tourism may have increased, but you won’t find over-crowded beaches or Anglicised pubs and clubs on the islands. Croatia has resisted the need to alter its strong cultural identity for the influx of foreign nationals, keeping and maintaining a healthy mix of the old and new.

Everyone refers to Croatia holidays as the ideal getaway, and there are plenty of undiscovered gems to be found. The coastline, which measures 2,000km, boasts a host of beaches to lounge on as well as over 1,000 islands to explore. You could spend a week island hopping and only catch a glimmer of all this eye-catching area has to offer, especially as only 50 are occupied. The range of landscape mirrors the inland, with sandy plots leading through to areas covered in dense woodland.

For those seeking beach holidays, the choices on the mainland are almost as varied as on the islands. Dubrovnik, for example, has been described by Lord Byron as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’. A short visit to this walled harbour town makes you see why, with as many sights to see within the town as outside. With breathtaking architecture in the monasteries and churches and superb local cuisine, Dubrovnik is the perfect locale for those wanting to unwind and absorb some of the history of Croatia.

Travelling inland provides the kind of pursuits both extreme sports enthusiasts and more relaxed visitors could hope for. For the former, mountain biking, parachuting, paragliding and plenty more can be found, providing the adrenaline junkie with plenty of beautiful landscape to hurtle past at breakneck speeds. Hiking is also on offer, putting both the coastal and rural paths to good use. Those wanting a slower-paced getaway should tour the vineyards of Istria. This peninsula sits in the Adriatic just across the water from Italy, and hosts some of the best kept secrets of the world of wine. There are culinary delights abound as well, from the more Slavic-influenced meals of the inland to the distinctly more Roman dishes on the coast. Each region is distinctive, and as a result deserves both extensive exploration and a healthy appetite.

The Croatian capital, Zagreb, hosts both the historical and modern aspects of the country in spectacular fashion, with Lake Jarun often proving a hub for both. During the day a relaxing dip can be taken on the beach-lined lake under the sun, and when the sun goes down the bars and clubs spill out for parties to continue long into the night. Within Zagreb itself there are plenty of galleries, museums and theatres to explore, as well as a host of cultured restaurants and bars. There’s even a restaurant owned by former Croatian AC Milan footballer Zvonimir Boban to visit, aptly named Boban.

For anyone wanting a holiday with plenty of variety, local culture and exploration, look no further than Croatia, Europe’s breathtaking land of variety.

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  • Shalu SharmaReply

    30 August, 2012 at 2:00 am

    To be honest, Croatia is a definitely a gem that has not yet been explored. Its now emerging as one of the top destinations, its cheap, its scenic, its a place that I personally wish to visit.

  • SherxrReply

    19 February, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Croatia is beautiful but it is definitely not cheap.

  • SanjicaReply

    15 November, 2015 at 3:01 am

    Croatia is a small land with the most beautiful, clear blue sea you can imagine. Old Romans and Greeks had their summer villas on these shores, enjoying the natural beauties you won’t find anywhere else, at least not in such a little land full of differences. History is deeply mixed with modern living, ancient walls are silent witnesses of a new age, sea salt makes you breathe deeply and your palate is celebrating these tastes of homemade olive oil, local wines and fresh fish. The beaches are simply incredible, sandy, rocky or covered with tiny white pebbles, people are nice and friendly, and the climate is really great, not too hot, but warm enough to give you a perfect bronze tan, and, if it gets too hot, there is always this stunningly beautiful sea to dive in. it’s hard to say where to go first, if you want to explore Croatia, but you can find useful info on croatia, not only about places that surely deserve to be seen, but also all those things you need to know when you are planning your holidays.

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