5 Things to Do in Florence, Italy

21 January, 2021

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you can explore so much in such a small yet romantic city! Whether you love history, art, food, architecture, shopping, or beautiful views, there is something for everyone here and it will be a visit you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Here are five things to do while in Florence:
– Shop artisan leather goods

Florence is known for its beautiful leather goods, and it is a must to see some of the craftsmanship and beautiful items available here. While in Florence be sure to visit some of the many leather shops to get a customized leather jacket, a piece you will have literally forever! Before you go, check out sites like Mirta to browse some amazing Italian leather handbags that can arrive directly to your house form Italy so you will arrive already in style. Major luxury brands from all over the world produce their finest leather pieces in and around Florence, you can just feel the luxuriousness just walking around!

italy ponte vecchio
– Eat a Florentine steak and drink Chianti

A Florentine steak is a typical dish in Florence, and one that is a must to try while here (provided that you are not a vegetarian!) It is served rare in the middle, so just be aware of this before ordering and trust the local recipe, and when doing so, make sure you understand Europeans generally don’t cook their meats well done as they think this destroys the taste! Many (if not most) restaurants offer it on their menus. As Italy is also known for its wine, a wine to taste as well is Chianti, one from the local region. With a Florentine steak and glass of Chianti in hand, you’ll be getting a classic Florence dining experience.

– Climb Giotto’s Bell tower

Giotto’s Campanile, located next to the Florence Cathedral, is one of the most iconic sites in Florence. Climb Giotto’s bell tower for panoramic views over the city and take it all in from above. This is a good activity after eating a big mean, you can work off all that gelato and wine!

– Stroll through Piazza Santo Spirito on Sunday mornings for the markets and have a coffee

Piazza Santo Spirito is buzzing on Sunday mornings, where local vendors gather together at the market. Go for a coffee, take a stroll, and find some local goods that catch your eye. This is a must-do experience while in Florence, where you can really pick up on the energy of the city.

Just remember to bring cash and exact change in case.


– Find your dream perfume at AquaFlor

If you are in the market for or have any interest in a new perfume, head to AquaFlor. Located in the Santa Croce neighborhood, this legendary perfumery has beautiful collections that are artistically displayed. Even the shopping here is an experience you will remember, not to mention the divine products. Any perfume you buy here will bring you back to your memories here in Florence.

These are all one-of-a-kind things you can only do in Florence. The city is so full of history and culture that there’s really endless things to do. People who live there for years even say they have never been able to do everything!

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