The Little Things Travelers Forget When Going Abroad

30 April, 2018

Travelling abroad whether it be for a holiday, business or indeed to relocate, is an exciting prospect. That said, there is a lot of preparation involved and it is easy to overlook objects and items that are paramount to the success of the trip. With that in mind, here we discuss the little things travellers forget when going abroad.

ID and Important Documents

It is unlikely that you would get very far without your passport, but it is easy to forget other important documents and pieces of identification, such as your driving license when you travel. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to problems, for example, without a valid visa, some countries won’t allow you in and should you need to work while you are away, you may need to secure a work permit in advance.

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If you are relocating for work purposes, get a list of the ID and documents you will need from reputable immigration lawyers. No matter what your reasons for travelling, however, having a dedicated pocket in your hand luggage, where you keep all the required ID, and documents makes a lot of sense.

Bits of Kit

Some of the most common items that are forgotten when travelling are bits of kit such as phone chargers and adaptors. Whilst this is not the end of the world, a replacement can always be bought, it is frustrating and costly, both in terms of time and money. Laying out all of the electronic items you intend to travel with on a table, checking them and then transferring them directly into your hand luggage will help avoid this.

Guide Books and Reading Material

Many people buy books and guides to read and use while they are abroad. Forgetting these, particularly if then country you are visiting speaks a different language, can be a bit of a nightmare. Finding replacements takes time and will probably cost more than the ones you bought back at home.

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Medicine and Inoculations

Tablets and other medical items are easily forgotten when travelling and this can lead to uncomfortable or potentially life threatening situations. Diabetics and those who suffer from acute asthma are among those who are at risk and who need to be particularly conscientious when packing. Inoculations, although, they are not to be travelled with can also be overlooked when travelling to countries where they are required.

A good old fashioned checklist is the best way to ensure everything is packed and will help you remember the small things you need when abroad.

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