Why Now Is the Right Time to Visit Greece?

12 June, 2013

Greece has had its fair share of coverage in the press recently but unfortunately not for the best reasons. It is no secret that the country has been facing particularly tough economic times as of late and while this has given rise to questions and debate over whether now is a good time to travel there, it should in fact have had the opposite effect; encouraging people to visit now more than ever before.

Greece Santorini

Value for money

The services and broad range of experiences available to tourists in Greece have not depleted in quality since the economic crash but they have reduced in price. Cheap flights to Greece are now readily available and with tourism being one of the county’s biggest and most vital industries, prices have fallen across the board to entice foreigners to continue visiting. Given that you can experience the same rich culture for a greatly reduced price; now really is the best time to visit Greece.

Rich history

Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Where better to immerse yourself in a huge range of sporting activities and even take a tour of where it all began; the Olympic Stadium in Athens? Perhaps sport is not really your thing; then the Acropolis that played host to Ancient Greek temples or the historical archaeological site of Delphi may be more to your taste. With such a diverse cultural background, there is something on offer for everyone who enjoys learning about the history of society within the places they visit.

Perfect climate

Greece is known for consistently hospitable weather throughout all seasons, being neither too hot nor too cold at any point during the year. This makes the country the ideal destination for many people, regardless of the climate they are accustomed to or the time at which they are travelling.

Diverse landscape

From bustling cities to secluded islands and from beautiful marinas to snow topped mountains, the scope of different landscapes and diversity of scenery on offer in Greece is virtually unrivalled. With award winning beaches, like Myrtos – officially the ‘Best Beach in Greece’ and third best in the whole of the Mediterranean – and several UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Archaeological site of Olympia, it does not matter whether you want to tuck yourself away somewhere quiet and secluded or dive straight into the culture and heritage of the land; you will find somewhere that fits the bill, all within the same country.

Delicious cuisine

You may have tried Greek food before but have you ever tasted it when it has been hand prepared in Greece from authentic, local ingredients? The creamy, layered casserole known as Moussaka and the refreshing cucumber dip, tzatziki, are classics adored around the world but lesser known dishes like chicken soup avgolemono and spanakopita, eaten regularly in Greece, can only really be enjoyed in all their glory within the country itself. With the perfect climate for growing fresh vegetables and fruits, traditional Greek dishes are often packed full of nutrition; far tastier and healthier than the takeaway versions known by the rest of the world.

Help the locals

The only way a country can recover from difficult financial times is to increase its income. The last thing Greece needs is for tourists to boycott it as a destination and head elsewhere instead. From airlines to hotels and from tour guides to restaurants; a huge range of businesses and individuals can benefit from our custom by visiting Greece in their time of need. After all, we have a lot to gain from it too.

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  • Shane ToddReply

    1 July, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    I predict to see Greece on the rise, I think the majority of their problems are behind them. Just need to ensure that the country continues to promote tourism

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