The Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in 2017

1 March, 2017

Your wedding day is definitely the best part about getting married, but the honeymoon comes quite close. There’s nothing better than going on a relaxing trip with your newlywed partner – enjoying each other’s company and splurging in on some luxury. If you’re looking to book your honeymoon in 2017, these are the luxury honeymoon destinations to keep in mind.


For the traditional, relaxing and beach-filled honeymoon, you need to book flights to Anguilla. This is a definition of a Caribbean paradise with its turquoise water and white sand. Cap Juluca offers private pool suites to add to the luxury and you can enjoy breakfast in bed with a stunning view.

Alentejo, Portugal

If you’d like something a bit more rustic, yet luxurious, travel to Portugal and the tiny wine valley of Alentejo. You’ll be greeted with beaches, medieval castles and stunning Roman architecture. The Imani Country House is definitely worth staying in and don’t forget to rent a car so you can take trips to the local vineyards.

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Bali, Indonesia

Another textbook definition of a perfect honeymoon comes in the form of Bali. The Indonesian island is simply magnificent and luxurious. Uluwatu Surf Villas will help you relax and enjoy your time, with the island offering you plenty of opportunities for culture and exploration.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the definition of luxury and if you want all the glitz and glamour you can get, this should be your pick. There is a lot of pampering going on in the city and you’ll be able toshop jewelry, clothing and frankincense in the beautiful city. The place to stay in Dubai is the One&Only The Palm, right at the edge of the manmade leafy island – which is an indication of what to expect!

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Austin, Texas, US

For those that want something modern and out-of-the-box, Austin is a fantastic honeymoon destination. Book your stay at the luxury spa resort Travaasa Austin and spend your days trying different food trucks and listening to music at the city’s bars and lounges.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Move over Paris, Buenos Aires is the new city of love – and passion. The super sensual tango and the deliciously tasty steaks are the perfect partners of a honeymoon. The nightlife is magnificent and the cultural offerings during the day will help you keep busy. Faena Hotel Buenos Aires is a sexy pick for your stay and its Sunday brunch is a must-have.

Chengdu, China

Another perfect out-of-the-box honeymoon destination is Chengdu in China. The honeymoon is a dream location for the foodies – the teahouses and restaurants are to die for and will leave you longing for more. The Temple House is a glorious place to stay with its mixture of old and modern décor.

Arosa, Switzerland

You will be able to figure out ways to keep warm on your honeymoon even if you book a snowy destination. In fact, the snowy mountains offer the perfect romantic backdrop for your dream vacation. Arosa offers plenty of activities for the sporty and the adventurous. Tschuggen Grand Hotel ensures your honeymoon also has plenty of luxury.

Cotswolds, England

The English countryside is super-romantic and it offers plenty of picture-perfect views for your honeymoon. If you want to experience what it’s like to be a posh Englishman or woman, book your stay at the Soho Farmhouse. The 18th-century buildings will provide you plenty of great architecture and stunning service. You can also enjoy from a complimentary bicycle to ensure you explore the local countryside.


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Sydney, Australia

If you’d like a combination of a beach holiday and a city break, then Sydney is the perfect destination. Stay at the QT Sydney and enjoy from luxurious food and spa treatments. Spend your time exploring Harbour Bridge and unwind at the famous Bondi beach.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is another luxurious location that combines the beaches with city life. The picturesque city is famous for its hospitality and you have plenty of things to choose from exploring the local wildlife or spending your time tasting the fantastic cuisine. For a romantic stay, book a room at the intimate guesthouse Cape View Clifton.

How to make the most of your honeymoon

When you’re booking your honeymoon, you should keep a few things in mind to guarantee you have the best holiday ever. First, be honest with what you want from the honeymoon. While we often associate this holiday to a beach holiday, don’t just opt for things you think are acceptable. Go on a city holiday if you want or pick a camping holiday in the wilds if you want.

While you should definitely aim to have the most luxurious holiday ever, it doesn’t mean you can’t be frugal. In fact, if you are smart with your spending and you utilize coupon codes for booking flights and hotels from, you can add more luxury to your holiday. You want to make savings whenever possible to ensure you can enjoy a champagne dinner each day!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite luxury honeymoon destination and sort out your dream vacation!

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