10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance For Your Trip

31 October, 2012

Travel insurance is a must-buy before any trip we take – because when you are stuck, there is nothing worse than not having the means to sort everything out.  Insurance can make life much easier if something does occur while you are away especially in some of the scenarios highlighted below:


Imagine the scenario that if you become unexpectedly ill, for example you experience food poisoning or gastric problems and you have to be taken to hospital then if you have travel insurance you can be sure you will be able to get immediate care and have the proper care you need. This can mean you save heaps of money.


When you are abroad, of course depending on where you are but generally the risk of being mugged is always high. If your passport gets stolen it means you’re in trouble when trying to head back home. When you have insurance this can eradicate all the problems and help you get the necessary documents to make the return journey as easy and simple as possible.

Loss of Equipment

When you are away it’s very easy to damage or lose things especially items such as a camera when you use it all the time sometimes you can accidentally get carried away and drop it or if it’s very busy and you drop it because of the crowds pushing you around. Third-party coverage means you can get a new camera and everything works out in your favour.

These scenarios can happen when you go abroad, incidents and accidents are unpredictable and unexpected so it is best to be prepared.  There are many more different scenarios when a travel insurance will come in very handy – see the infographics below for the 10 reasons to buy a travel insurance (click on the picture to expand if the text is too small for yo)

Travel Insurance

The infographics above also highlighted some interesting trends in travel insurance purchase – The most insured age group is 11-16 followed by 18-25 and so on.  The most popular destination is the USA followed by the UK and Canada.  Generally, the average stay tends to be 3-4 weeks.

There are also some case studies of people of various ages who have had situations where insurance was handy – For example, one lady was in Canada and suffered a faint, the expenses are shown and the insurance explained how it was covered.

Insurance is an important purchase when you travel, as when you need it, you sure need it!

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  • Shalu SharmaReply

    2 November, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Travel insurance is a must. You never know what could happen hence its always safe than sorry.

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