3 Interesting Flight Safety Videos

by Zhiqiang & Tingyi on August 16, 2009 · 5 Comments

We had all seen our fair share of boring flight safety videos.  Would these videos make you pay more attention to these safety instructions?

At Number 3, we have Virgin America‘s creative and sketchy safety video.

Number 2, British charter airline Thomson Airways has a safety video that will make you go awwwww…. They did an internal studies which found a 15 percent increase in attention from passengers.  Would you fall within that 15% if you are shown this safety video?

At Number 1, we have New Zealand Airlines safety video created as part of their “Nothing to Hide” campaign.  This video would probably get the attention of most male passengers or at least it got mine; that’s why it is Number 1 in my list!

And as a Bonus Video, see the following Blooper video of our No. 1 New Zealand Airline Safety Video:

Do you know any other interesting safety videos or in-flight announcements?  Please drop a comment below to let us know. :-)


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