Budget-friendly Accommodations with Villa Rental for Large Group Travel

20 August, 2012

Going on holiday with a group of friends can be a wonderful experience, creating shared memories and experiences that can bond people together for a lifetime. Renting a villa used to be the preserve of well-off families but today it is a perfect way for groups of various sizes to organise a cost-effective way to enjoy a holiday together.

Apart from the greater flexibility that being able to organise your own schedule brings, this type of accommodation fits in perfectly with a more modern kind of holiday, which for large groups of friends often places as much emphasis on nightime activities as it does on lounging around the pool in the daytime.

Renting villas in Ibiza has become an extremely popular way to enjoy the whole range of attractions the Balearic island has to offer. Of course, the island is world-renowned for being the centre of dance music culture. Clubs such as Space, Amnesia and Privilege are rightly accorded legendary status for their DJ line-ups and events. Less likely to receive media coverage are the glorious beaches famous for their magnificent sunsets that have awed generations of visitors to the island.

There is a defined ‘season’ in Ibiza, traditionally starting at the beginning of June and running through to October when all the major venues have their spectacular ‘Closing Parties’. At the southern end of the island is the capital of Ibiza Town, which offers a more sophisticated and slightly less commercial offering than its rival San Antonio, where the more lively type of hedonist will find many attractions to party the night away.

Other islands in the chain benefit from the same attractions. Menorca is a favourite destination for the Spanish youth, whilst Mallorca boasts the wild party town of Magaluf. An abundance of cheap villas on the islands means that accommodation costs are fairly low in these party capitals, leaving holidaymakers with more money for sangria and souvenirs.

Of course, villas are not only the preferred accommodation type for those looking to party. City breaks have a distinct appeal as short notice getaways and some great last minute villas can always be found within these popular destinations.

Whether you’re looking to cross the Atlantic Ocean and discover the delights of the United States or plunge yourself into the ancient history of European hotspots such as Greece and Portugal, villa accommodation offers an easy way to enjoy your chosen destination without money matters hanging around your neck like an albatross.

Why spread the cost?

Of course, those accustomed to travelling solo may wonder why spreading the cost of holidays should be so fervently encouraged. Perhaps the most important thing to remember here is that just because you have travelled abroad with someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking (or sleeping) moment with them. Once safely unpacked in your villa there will be plenty of room for you and your fellow holidaymakers to spread out, spending as much time apart as you desire.

This enables you to cut costs on your holiday by taking advantage of group rates and package deals, but without sacrificing the peace and quiet you are seeking from your time away. After all, a holiday is meant to provide a break from the daily toils of life rather than adding to your financial concerns.

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