Las Vegas Accommodation Options To Suit Every Traveller’s Budget

14 August, 2018

When it comes to planning a trip to some of the most famous locations in North America, a city like Las Vegas is hard to ignore. There is simply nowhere on Earth quite like the ‘bright light city’ which Elvis sang about back in the 1960s, with its seductive mix of old-school casino glamour and some of the most impressive entertainment on the planet.

Welcome to Las Vegas USA

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It is a bustling hive of activity which attracts visitors from across the globe, with figures suggesting that more than 42 million people headed to the city in 2017 alone. Visitors are even thought to be getting younger, which suggests that a whole new generation is once again falling in love with the array of excitement, great food and gambling that the resort can offer.

But while visiting Vegas remains as exciting as ever, where should you stay on your visit? As you would expect in a place like Sin City, there are a range of accommodation options to choose from. As such, picking the right one is an important first step to take when preparing the trip itinerary for your stay. Here we take a look at some of the basic options you could consider when planning your visit.

A classic Vegas experience

There is only one place to start when it comes to accommodation in Las Vegas – the city’s famous array of incredible hotels and resorts.

Some would argue that a stay in one of the famous hotels is perhaps the quintessential way to experience the city, with the likes of the Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons being names synonymous with luxury and the ultimate level of glamour. Picking the right hotel is about more than just which room you prefer of course, as the biggest hotels also tend to offer the most exciting shows in the city. As outlines, acts from Celine Dion to Britney Spears have earned a fortune from residencies at Vegas hotels so it is well worth checking out if a showbiz icon will be performing during your time there. Furthermore, with many hotels offering culinary masterpieces, check out the on-site restaurants and whether they cater to your tastes.

bellagio las vegas

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Getting your own space

A trip to Vegas just would not be the same without a bit of glitz and glamour, but what happens when you just want a little break from it all? Staying in a hotel puts you right in the centre of the action, so if you’re looking to have a little downtime from the bright lights then why not consider renting an apartment?

An option which is likely to prove less costly than a hotel room, staying in a property or apartment through a service like Airbnb could give you a chance to unwind after a day of immersing yourself in everything that the Strip has to offer. The Culture Trip examines a few great options here, from low-key properties in a neighbourhood to impressive high-rise pads.

Heading off the beaten track

Of course, if your journey to Vegas is part of a wider trek across the US, you may want to factor in accommodation which takes your transport into account. For example, taking up a spot at an RV camp like the Thousands Trails Resort could be a great option if you’re seeking a peaceful spot and somewhere to park your vehicle which is still close to all of the action. While an RV camp might lack the glamour of a hotel stay, it is undoubtedly practical.

Alternatively, if you’re truly looking to experience Vegas on a budget why not try a hostel? Somewhere like the Sin City Hostel could be ideal if you’re happy to keep accommodation simple and ensure that the majority of your spending money is freed up for some fun in the casinos. Again, while a hostel is not the most glamorous location, it is still a bed to sleep in.

Range of options

As our analysis above demonstrates, visitors to Vegas have a range of options available when it comes to the important issue of accommodation. From the high-class luxury of its famous hotels to the simple pleasures of a hostel, ultimately what you choose to go for is dependent on the experience you are after.

Take some time to consider just what you want from your stay and then you should be able to make a decision on accommodation which satisfies both your needs and budget.

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