5 Cool Jobs to Make Money on the Road Travelling

5 August, 2012

If there’s one thing that all travelers have to eventually deal with, it’s that they’re going to go home. Sometimes it’s a love-hate feeling. You love it because you get to see everyone you care about again. But you hate it, because maybe you’ll once more walk the halls of some monotonous job that you dread. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just keep on traveling? There are a few ways you can accomplish this. In fact, there are a bunch of truly nifty careers that can keep you on the road, or abroad, indefinitely. From working at hostels to working online, there are options out there. Here are five cool ones.

1 – Teacher

Teaching is one of the easiest jobs to get, and also one of the best-paid depending on which country you decide to work in. If you hold degrees or certificates, then you’re probably eligible to work as a teacher in some countries. For example, if you studied environmental science, you could probably score a job as a high school teacher in some countries where advance teaching certification isn’t necessary. However, the easiest job to get is teaching English. All it takes is sending in resumes to English institutions and Universities abroad. Korea and Japan are known to pay teacher well, for example. It’s easy to find these jobs, especially if you’re already in the country.

2 – Photographer

One of the best jobs you can imagine is also one of the best jobs we can imagine. It has become cliché, but no less true, that to be a National Geographic photographer is one of the best jobs around. It allows you to travel and do something you’ll probably love. This job takes skill and connections. You might start by starting a website of your work, and then sending out mails to various travel publications that might be looking for photographers. You can also sell your prints online.

Photographer Travel Tips Article

3 – Blogger

Speaking of blogs, many modern age travelers have capitalized on the money that’s floating around on the internet. Travel blogs, once well-marketed, can bring in a hefty sum of cash for those that keep them. All you have to do is start a blog, throw up some advertising with Google AdSense, then wait for bigger sponsors to contact you. Some people make over $1,000 with one blog!

4 – Cruise Ship Employee

This job is a dream job for many. Cruise ships are enormous, and the staff is always international. You can make friends from all across the globe, and all it takes is a little elbow grease. You have to go to each cruise line’s website to find out how to apply, but if you make the cut, a job on a cruise boat is awesome, and not least of all because the cruise line offers employees their own parties on board.

Cruise Ship Employee Travelling Job

5 – Resort Representative

This title can mean anything from concierge, bus-boy, translator, etc. The big resorts around the world are always looking for travelers to hire. Sometimes they might not pay the best salaries, but you usually have access to much of what the guests do. Ski resorts are big on hiring seasonal workers, and employees are generally grouped in the same building, creating an incredibly social atmosphere.

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