6 Suggested Sights to See in Melbourne (Australia)

20 July, 2014

Melbourne is a truly special metropolis, having been recognized as the world’s more livable city every year since 2011. It retains this title because of its low crime rate, connection to international locales, quality and convenience of infrastructure, as well as many other characteristics. Because of its municipal charm and integrity, Melbourne is a hot destination for Australians and international tourists alike, all hoping to relax and discover in this, the world’s most hospitable city. With these 6 destinations, you can be sure that your trip will be a delight, from your car hire at Melbourne airport to your arrival at any one of Melbourne’s amazing sights and attractions. You can also download our suggested 4-Day-3-Night Melbourne Itinerary or 5-Day-4-Night Melbourne Itinerary to refer to.

1) The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. This wheel is much more than a ride. From its peak, visitors can see up to 25 kilometers in all directions, giving them a bird’s eye view of Melbourne from the comfort of their air-conditioned cabins. For those hoping to wrap their heads around Melbourne’s layout and scope, there is no better way. Melbourne Star also provides a respite after a busy day of sight-seeing.

2) Queen Victoria Market. Queen Vic is an expansive open market where over 600 vendors sell fresh produce and goods in an impressive structure stretching over several city blocks. With so many foods and flavors to try, the visitor can also save by getting lunch on the go at Queen Victoria.

3) Melbourne Zoo. This is one of the finest zoos in the world. Its unique construction creates the feeling of peaceful seclusion, even though it is located only 4k from Melbourne’s center. Visitors enjoy the sight of over 300 species of animals, native and international. Interactive opportunities enable you to get up close and personal with certain animals, and the zoo even has facilities onsite to accommodate and overnight stay.

4) Melbourne Aquarium. If aquatic life is more your flavor, Melbourne Aquarium has it all. You can observe menacing crocodiles, colorful seahorses, and playful penguins. This only scratches the surface of what it available at the aquarium that proudly displays wildlife from its unique and colorful coastal waters.

5) Old Melbourne Gaol. Old Melbourne Gaol is the city’s oldest prison, bearing the history of Ned Kelly’s custody and execution. Tour by day to witness many relics and remnants of the past. Or come after dark for a night tour given by the hangman, or a ghost tour through OMG’s creepy halls.

6) Docklands. A trip to Melbourne would be incomplete without making it out to the Docklands. This isn’t just one sight, it’s a bounty of food, attractions, and boat rides perfect or the entire family. Visitors can take part in any number of activities or simply stroll along enjoying the breeze and beauty of the harbor.

Melbourne is the perfect vacation spot. With so much to see and do, you’ll have no trouble filling your holiday itinerary. In fact, the only problem you will likely face is your desire to make this charming city your home.

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