Money-saving Car Rental Tips

14 May, 2015

When you’re travelling for vacation or business travel, expenses can add up pretty quickly. For a lot of travelers, renting a car may seem like an essential that is based on their daily routine but renting a car can add a steep increase to your travel bill. The liberation of having a car can seem freeing at the start, but if you have plans on driving that car into a major city center expect high stress, gridlock, and parking nightmares. If you know you’ll need a car for at least part of the trip, write down a quick cost value breakdown comparing the total cost of renting a car (including parking fees) versus catching a cab, shuttle, or train. Add to your rental cost: fuel, insurance, parking fees and other expenses, which often vary based on the type of vehicle that you want to get.

But hiring a car need not be that costly for you or your family. You just need to check the tips below which could definitely end up saving you money.

Avoid the airport at all cost

It may look convenient at first but if you shun renting your car at the airport this can save you over 40% off your car rental. Rental counters in the airport pay huge fees and taxes just to be able to set shop at the airport and to whom do they charge what they’re getting billed for? The poor traveler.

Check the weekly rates instead of just that weekend

Most often than not weekend rates are the peak rates starting from Friday afternoon going to Sunday evening. Renting a vehicle for the week even if you won’t be using it all the time might be a better and a cheaper deal for you. Just watch out for late fee charges if ever you change your mind and decide to extend.

Watch out for discounts

Some rental companies offer special discounts from frequent travelers to new customer discounts. You might not know it but simply checking cheap car hire from DriveNow might get you some awesome deals which you can use immediately that can spell big savings.

Check for bundles

Look for bundle offerings from your hotel, resort or travel agency. Sometimes even your credit card company has a partner benefit which you can fully utilize like waived fees or offer additional discounts.

Choose the right vehicle

Most people will advise you to reserve a compact car, as it is the second least expensive. The good thing about getting a compact car is it’s usually the most rented hence the chance of getting upgraded for free at no cost is higher.

Fill it up

Make sure you top off the gas tank before you return your vehicle or else you’ll be charged extra. Also look for placed to gas up where it’s cheapest. You can always search for cheap gas prices or you might want to ask a local. You may not be aware of it immediately but the difference in gas prices between countries can be quite shocking.

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  • DewanReply

    19 May, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Wow! great tips for saving the hard earned money on car rental tips. Thanks a lot for the tips

  • febbyReply

    23 June, 2015 at 10:05 am

    Nice tips for saving our maney ^_^

  • BrainReply

    12 May, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    I have read you blog and found it very useful for saving money when renting a car.

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