4 Places Around the World Which are Super Mysterious

8 February, 2018

Who doesn’t love to travel and explore the world? There is a wide variety of attractive and majestic tourist destinations around the world. The Globetrotters just love to roam around such places to have a wonderful experience. But, those conventional places are not the only ones while visiting which you can have some great traveling experiences

Rather, if you want to go a bit off-beat then you can feel the majesty of some of the most mysterious places around the world. Yes! There are such tourist destinations in the world which seem to be simply unbelievable. They are real!

Do you want to know about such quintessential destinations? Just read ahead…

1.The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

For centuries, that the tales of lost mariners and disappeared ships, crashed aircrafts, and even vanishing humans have been emerging. The vast area with more than half a million square miles is called as Devil’s Triangle is simply splendid. Some of the experts have said that they are magnetic anomalies which throw compasses. Of course, others say that the tropical cyclones are to blame. A different section of people say that there’s no mystery at all! So, it is quite perplexing to find out the truth. Just explore yourself and try to know.

shipwreck bermuda bahamas

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  1. Blood Falls, Antartica

Most of the people haven’t seen blood falls in person, but even in just photographs, the sight is simply arresting. It is nothing but a blood-red waterfall staining the snow-white face of Taylor Glacier. The Glaciologists and Microbiologists have tried hard to identify what has caused this mysterious flow? there is no much-authenticated data available. So, this place is a yet another mysterious place. Stranger still, it has been revealed that there are micro-organisms living 1,300 feel beneath the ice while being sustained by the iron and sulphur in the water which is again a quite interesting fact.

  1. Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick

What could be the reason behind an automobile to roll backward uphill without any power? Do you think it is a magnetic force from within the Earth? It seems to be something exceedingly fantastic! Since the 1930s when Magnetic Hill was discovered, people are still not able to solve this riddle. So, do it if you can!

Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick

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  1. Surtsey, Iceland

If any of your known ones claim that there is nothing more new to explore under the Sun, just point him or her towards the Icelandic island of Surtsey. It came into existence since 1963. There was an eruption of an underwater volcano in the Westman Islands. After that when the activity settled down in 1967, what remained as an island where there was no island before. This is one of the most incredibly mysterious places around the world.

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