Best Cities For Nature Lovers

4 May, 2018

Some of the best times people have in life is spent outdoors.  The mystifying beauty of nature makes it hard to part, especially if you live in a rural environment. Moving to the city, whether it be for business or other reasons, does not mean giving up nature. This may seem like an oxymoron, though there are plenty of cities that are full of people that enjoy nature. Moving to a city does not mean leaving nature behind, and there are plenty of cities that are perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city with a small town feel, where most residents know their neighbors and are friendly.  One of the big benefits to living in Albuquerque is that the city is located right next to the Sandia mountains, which is great if you are looking to move to a city but still stay in touch with nature.  Rock climbing, biking, and hiking are extremely popular, and the city is full of adventurous people. Albuquerque even ranks 4th, in healthiest cities in America!  This is due to the amount of natural mountains and beautiful weather.  In addition to the beautiful nature aspect, Homes for sale in Albuquerque NM are more affordable when compared to a city like Boston or San Jose.

Albuquerque nature New Mexico

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Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood, Colorado, located just outside of Denver, is home to a variety of parks.  Lakewood is near an array of different parks, spanning a total area of 7,100 acres, and there is never a dull sight. This expands outside the realm of just hiking, as equestrian and biking trails are everywhere, giving you the feel of being with nature. If you prefer a more aquatic environment, there are plenty of lakes to spend your day fishing.  Lakewood is great because it has a little bit of everything you would want in a rural town, but with the advantage of being right outside the city.

lakewood nature

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Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is a great city for nature lovers, especially if you love coniferous trees.  Portland is home to the largest urban forest, with eighty miles worth of trees and trails. Portland has a huge variety of plants and animals, and activities like bird watching and fishing can be a very good way to pass the time. Furthermore, Oregon sees all four seasons, meaning the experience of hiking and seeing wildlife is bound to change over the course of each season. That’s what makes Portland such a nature city is its home to a variety of wildlife to see.

When searching for a new place to live, don’t think that moving to the city means giving up nature. It’s human nature to want to cluster together in large areas- that’s why cities exist. Just like you, there are plenty of people who want the benefits of living in a big city but don’t want to lose touch with nature.  Finding new spots and making new memories is important and choosing a city with people who fit your style will help you integrate into the community.


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