New England: Experience the Best Seafood in the States

2 May, 2015

New England is famous for many types of food but Maine is renowned for its lobster and other seafood. A New England boiled lobster is delicious served with melted butter; a cracking tool and a narrow fork are provided to deal with the mechanics of eating one. A classic lobster dinner will usually include clams and is served with corn on the cob. The restaurant shacks on the shore have family seating and with their views of the ocean are recognized as being the best places to enjoy the local seafood.

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In the Greater Portland region, Ken’s Place serves fresh seafood classics such as fried clams and fresh lobster stew.

In the Mid-Coast region, Red’s Eats lobster shack specializes in Maine’s best lobster roll. A whole lobster is served on a toasted buttered bun: loads of claw and tail meat – delicious!

In the Acadia Bar Harbor region Helen’s Restaurant serves wonderfully fresh seafood. She cooks lovely chowders with lots of shellfish, diced potatoes and cream. The restaurant is also famous for its fabulous pies.

McKay’s Public House serves very popular fish and chips. Lobster mac with cheese, halibut and some other finfish dishes are notable.

Uncle Kippy’s is a family restaurant specializing in fresh seafood all caught locally. The handmade pizza is also a big hit with patrons.

In the Maine Highlands region the Eagles Nest serves a very large lobster roll that is quite famous with the locals.

The Western Lakes and Mountains region has the Fish Bones American Grill, a lovely restaurant sited in an old mill building. It serves excellent grilled haddock, scallops, clam chowder with flatbread and many other New American dishes.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay on your visit to New England then why not try the South Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. It is one of the Bluegreen Resorts and provides first class accommodations for guests. This South Mountain Resort has spectacular scenery and there are lots of activities to enjoy. In the summer months there is a great opportunity for hiking, playing golf, canoeing and kayaking. In the winter months there are three mountains with some exciting ski runs for the winter sport enthusiasts.

If you like seafood then you should visit New England and sample what is available. Apart from that this part of the US is a beautiful place to spend a vacation.

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