Top Party Destinations Around the World

18 June, 2014

“What goes on tour, stays on tour” is an expression often heard while preparing for a certain kind of vacation – those vacations where the priority is to party! Time away from the daily routine, from the housework and the day-job, is something we all deserve and indeed crave, as it gives us the opportunity to have the sort of fun we rarely get the chance to have at home.

There is something about going abroad that makes this even easier. The unfamiliar and perhaps exotic environment is all the encouragement we need to really let our hair down.

Top Party Destinations around the World

Here are some of the top party vacation locations for you to consider when planning your trip.

Las Vegas

Perhaps an obvious choice, but it is popular for a reason. Described as a theme park for adults, Las Vegas is a truly unique place. A party destination for decades with entertainment of just about every kind.


Combining some of the world’s most popular nightclubs with an unrivalled art and music scene, the German capital is deservedly one of Europe’s most popular destinations for partygoers.


For somewhere truly exotic, West India’s smallest state is hard to beat. A favorite destination for hippies since the early 1970s, Goa has evolved into a party scene that attracts over two million visitors every year who come to enjoy a heady mix of nightlife, spirituality and unique food.

Making it special

Vacations are a significant investment of our money and time. We save up all year to make sure our time off work is as happy and enjoyable (and in some cases adventurous) as it possibly can be. Choosing the right destination and the right company, then planning a trip with safety in mind, provides the starting point for you to party like you have never partied before.

While spontaneity is the order of the day while you are actually on your vacation, a bit of forward planning will ensure you really get the most out of your time away.

Be prepared

First, decide where you want to go and who you want to go with. As yourself, what do you want to get out of this vacation? Coming home is sadly inevitable but what sort of memories do you want to be able to look back on when you do get back? See below for some inspiration.

Stay safe. The best trip can be ruined by even a minor accident or criminal incident, and such events can have implications that reach far beyond the end of your vacation. Do your research before you go and find out what preparations you need to make. Vaccinations for example, or specialist equipment you might need. Once you arrive make sure you avoid travelling alone, let people know where you are and ensure you always have a way of making contact with home.

Consider what to pack and to really maximize the fun, try to match the new experiences with a new personal image. Instead of packing the same old outfits, use this as an opportunity to let your wild side out. Treat yourself to some new clothes, perhaps something you would not normally wear like exotic cupless lingerie bras or other daring underwear.

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