5 of The Most Romantic Train Trips You Should Not Miss

14 April, 2021

Whether you’re still in the early stages of your relationship or have been married for decades, every couple can benefit from spending some quality time together.

As far as rekindling the flames is concerned, nothing beats taking a romantic train trip! There’s something still so romantic about traveling via train. It could be it’s because it takes us back to a time when train travel was deemed glamorous or because it makes it easier for us to see the world pass by right outside our windows.

Either way, traveling by train is by far the best way to see the world. Below are some of the best and most romantic train trips to take with your partner/spouse.

Paris to London

Paris to London via the underwater tunnel is a train trip every couple should take, at least once in their lives. As you leave France, be sure to look outside the window to see the quaint little villages and rolling fields. This is probably one of the most famous train routes in the world, and one of the most romantic as you go between stunning historic central London, to the enchanting city of Paris. The journey its self is something to remember, because you are traveling under the English Channel, also known as the Chunnel underwater tunnel! Enjoy this high-speed train with unlimited wine and food in business class, that also is generally less crowded.

Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train is a romantic train trip as it’s Part Journey, where you get to visit the best wineries in California and Part Museum. The train comprises 20th century Pullman cars. It’s also Part Distinctive Napa Valley Fine Dining, where you and your better half get to enjoy onboard cuisine prepared from fresh produce supplied by the local farmers. The entire round trip covers a distance of thirty-six miles from Napa Valley to St. Helena, with notable stops in renowned wineries.

You’re bound to love this experience, as this is more than a train—It’s a chance to see a lush, hypnotic landscape, enjoy the luxurious vintage setting, and devour a divine four-course meal.

Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is considered the most spectacular way for train travelers to make their way across the Alps. Trains on this route link up various regions having different cultures and languages. Before boarding, you should know that the Bernina Express isn’t a rack railway. It will snake through splendid scenery during the journey, allowing you and your partner to see the glistening glaciers of the alps before it descends into the Italian Palms. It serves as a link between the Southern and Northern parts of Europe.

Rovos Trail

Rovos Trail has been operating since 1989 and is today regarded as the most luxurious train trip globally! Its trips often last between forty-eight hours and fifteen days, allowing you ample time to reconnect. The train trips seek to take you back to a time when train travel was simpler, more elegant, and encompassed the high romance and timeless grace of African exploration.

While the above journeys are as unique and incredible as they sound, they’re only a few of what you can genuinely embark on when you need to go on an unforgettable romantic journey. All these train trips would be ideal for any occasion, be it an engagement, a honeymoon, or even an anniversary!


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