7 Ways to Check Out Singapore in a Stress Free Manner

20 April, 2018

The modern world is not suited to an easy-going lifestyle. The fast-pace of life can be stressful, and many people are burning out. Given the volatility of global markets, the growing prevalence of stress at work is not entirely surprising, and in an increasingly competitive business world, there is greater pressure on businesses to perform financially; this pressure naturally filters down to employees, who are taking on increasing workloads and responsibilities.

Managing a Manic Lifestyle

This all means it’s more important than ever before to control your stress by looking after yourself and reaching out for support when you need it. Make sure you get regular breaks – in the short and longer term and give yourself something to look forward to at regular intervals. Booking a relaxing holiday can give you a big morale boost – not only does it give you something to look forward to in the weeks leading up to it, the restful and calming effects of the holiday itself will help you to deal with your subsequent workload.

Unwinding Abroad

If you want to de-stress, finding the right destination is key to ensuring you are able to maximise your downtime, and are able to unwind properly. Whilst relaxing city breaks may benefit you in the short term, long and more leisurely holidays are even more vital to your well-being!

Ensuring you get a real break from it all – your day-to-day life and physical environment – means it may be worth considering going somewhere completely different. Have you ever thought about getting away from it all in Singapore?

Solitude in Singapore

Singapore is a great example of a beautiful holiday destination with lots of unique opportunities for relaxing and destressing. It offers a great contrast to life and culture in Europe and the United States, meaning that escapism will become a reality for you. Made up of 63 islands, the country offers an eclectic mix of modernity and tradition.

So, what are the best ways of finding solitude in Singapore?

1) Go on Gardening Leave

It goes without saying but being close to nature is great for your mental and physical well-being. Singapore Botanic Gardens was picked by a Chelsea Flower Show judge as his favourite gardens in the world. Set in a beautiful historical landscape, the gardens specialise in tropical plants and orchids. Some of Singapore’s original rainforests remain within the gardens, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and should be on your list of things to do in Singapore anyway.

Botanic Gardens Singapore Editorial credit: picton / Shutterstock.com

2) Spa in Style

Having a spa day can be hugely beneficial as your mind and body are transported to a place of true serenity. The Japanese-style Onsen soaking has become more popular recently and is offered by many spas in Singapore. Yunomori Spa offers mineral-rich waters, Thai massage and world-class spa facilities, ensuring you leave feeling renewed and refreshed. Not to be missed!

3) Live by the River

Cruise along the river before eating at one of a broad selection of fine dining establishments. You can enjoy some of the world’s best food and drinks whilst overlooking a beautiful and tranquil landscape and hearing the gentle movements of the lapping water. It can be a refreshing way to travel in the heat of the day, while in the evening the backdrop of a Singapore sunset creates an atmospheric environment.

4) Visit Singapore Zoo

Described as ‘the world’s best rainforest zoo’, spending a day meandering through the wide range of exotic animals at Singapore Zoo can be highly relaxing. Take it at your own pace, from a splash safari show where you can watch sea lions gracefully glide around to exploring on a boat or tram ride to get around the zoo, you can easily spend the whole day here and never break a sweat.

Singapore zooEditorial credit: Marty R Hall / Shutterstock.com

5) Indulge in Retail Therapy

For some people, the best way to relax can be with a little retail therapy. In Singapore, Orchard Road is the place to go as it presents every shopper’s paradise. The 2.2km long shopping belt is lined with designer shops, fast fashion, art galleries, luxury restaurants and casual hangout places, so you can easily stop for a coffee or smoothie part way through your shopping experience. Large angsana trees provide plenty of shade along the pedestrian mall to avoid getting overheated.

6) Beach

If heat is what you want and lazing around in the sun is the perfect way to relax, then there are plenty of beaches in Singapore to do so. Whatever your style there’s a great option. From Palawan beach that has glorious white sand, palm trees and a nearby water park, to Siloso beach if you want to take part in a few beach sports or Punggol beach that’s off the beaten track and one of the most unexplored in Singapore.

7) Chill Out in a Park

Singapore is home to many wonderful parks that can be great places to spend an hour or two wandering round, sitting to read a book or just watching the world go by. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio is one of the largest urban parks that sprawls across 3km of waterways, banks of wildflowers and lush greenery. Then there’s HortPark which is a little smaller at nine hectares but more than makes up for it with stunning gardens. You can even attend a guided tour to learn more about the red orchid bushes and more.

However you choose to relax, you will find something to suit you in Singapore – a special destination full of wonder, mystery and beauty.

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