Planning for a Themed Vacation in the United States

6 October, 2014

Planning a free and easy trip for a family covering different attractions over a long period of time can be a challenging one especially with lots of children involved – having a consistent theme for the holiday might help.

For example, Disney themed holiday vacations (or in general theme park holidays) are always popular among families. From the many Disneyland rides (do read up to know how to beat the queues for Disneyland rides) to the fun Disneyland parade e.g. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, there are lots to do for the kids and the young at heart!

Disneyland Los Angeles Anaheim Disneyland Toon Town Mickey Mouse House Photo Opportunity

Around Southern California – if you are checking out the Disneyland at Anaheim – there is also the San Diego Zoo and Sea World which are popular attractions with adults and children – I still think our Singapore Zoo and River Safari are one of the world’s best but I agree that Sea World is worth checking out. Since you are in the San Diego area, you can also check out Legoland.

Another themed holiday you can consider while in the States is a historical themed trip on the East Coast. There are lots to see, starting at Boston – follow the Freedom Trail to understand about the country’s journey to independence and of course, a bonus is the great good on offer in Boston e.g. Boston Lobsters! Then it is off to Washington D.C. to check out various landmarks e.g. Washington Monument and all the Presidential Memorials, and perhaps even take a tour of the White House. Don’t miss out the Smithsonian museum too.

You can also structure a themed holiday around nature with the National Parks and Monuments e.g. Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful go off or a trip to the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a must see natural wonder – take a plane or helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon for spectacular views of the area!

Most people travel to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas which for itself makes for an excellent themed vacation too – it is not just for the adults with the gambling i.e. casinos and the bingo halls (of which there is a great resource on bingo-themed holidays by Titan Bingo) – with the Bellagio fountains and the Mirage volcanos and the Venetian’s canals, there are lots to see and do for even the children!

Mirage Volcano Crowded Free Performance Las Vegas Evening Acts

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  • jackReply

    28 October, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Your blog post remind me my new york bus tour Corning Museum of Glass, Niagara Falls and New York – Central Valley. After having this experience now I agree with you that USA is an ideal place for vacations. I would like to highly recommend it.

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