Top Five Must-do Dubai Activities

1 July, 2011

It carved shimmering, sky-high tower blocks, manicured lawns and sprawling malls out of desert sand and it’s now carving out a reputation for itself as a bustling, adventure filled, luxury playground. Sand, sea or (fake) snow, there’s always something to tempt you and it’s easy to get to. Here are five must-do things you cannot afford to miss in Dubai.

1. The beach

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to stunning, sandy beaches. One of the best and most beautiful is Jumeirah. Jebel Ali and Mamzar beach are also pretty spectacular complete with palm trees, whiter-than-snow sand and crystal clear water. All the beaches are packed with watersports activities from wakeboarding to windsurfing.

2. Dune buggying

There is a lot of sand in Dubai and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it, but the most adrenaline-fuelled is on a 4-wheel drive buggy or quad bike. You’ll jump over dunes, charge down steep sand mountains and speed round corners. It is the most fun you can have in the desert, guaranteed.

3. Shopping

Dubai is absolutely full of malls. And they are huge! The Mall of the Emirates is the biggest and most flash, quickly followed by Deira City Centre. However, you can also barter your way to shopping heaven in the markets out in the streets. You can pick up gold, silk, woodwork and spices for a fraction of the price you’d pay in the UK.

4. Skiing

Yes, it sounds strange to have skiing in the desert, but this is Dubai remember. Inside the giant Mall of the Emirates is Ski Dubai. This is the biggest indoor ski area in the world, with the longest run being 1,300 feet. There is even a chair lift as well as fun park and you can get lessons on skis or a snowboard.

5. Hot air balloon rides

There is something romantic about cruising over a desert in a hot air balloon. It’s best to go at sunrise or sunset to fully capture the changing colours of the sand as the sun either rises or falls over the dunes. It is also a great way to admire the shimmering city below and spot a few oases dotted sporadically across the landscape.

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    Stands back from the keyboard in amaezmnet! Thanks!

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    21 July, 2011 at 12:31 am

    First I would like to get to Dubai

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