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21 August, 2014

My dad has been a loyal fan of Transitions Lens for many years and has been sharing with us how Transitions lenses were very useful to him especially when his work involved going to construction sites under the hot sun, be it in Singapore, Indonesia or Vietnam. It was only during our recent family self-drive holiday in Jeju, Korea that I saw for myself how convenient Transitions lenses were for him. Thus, I decided to give it a try upon returning from the Korea trip and I had the opportunity to try the new Transitions Signature adaptive lenses. The Transitions Signature lenses even comes with a certificate of authenticity! (So professional lah… reminded me of my wedding proposal ring that comes with certificate! 🙂


The engineer in me has to know how Transitions Signature lenses work – this is what I found from the Transitions Signature lens official website – Transitions Signature lenses are fully clear indoors – but outside, the lenses are more responsive than ever thanks to the exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology. They are more reactive to ultraviolet (UV) light so they get darker in more conditions, including bright sun, partially sunny, cloudy, and everything in between. They also adapt to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. They continuously adapt to changing light so they are always exactly the shade you need them to be.

Having worn my spectacles with Transitions Signature lenses for about a month now, I can personally attest to what Transitions stated in their website. I am totally in love with the Transitions Signature lenses and realised what I have been missing all these years!

The lenses darkens within seconds when I step out outdoors for lunch and I didn’t even realised it … until I saw my friends squinting their eyes when they talk to me, then I realise how glaring the sunlight was! My Transitions Signature lenses “transited” from clear to dark seamlessly and almost immediately. This is truly “Life Well Lit” as the Transitions Signature tagline goes.


To illustrate the effects of Transitions Signature Lenses, I did a little experiment by covering one half of my lenses with a cloth and put it on my window sill under the hot midday sun for about 10 seconds. As they always say – a picture says a thousand words – take a look for yourself at the “transformation” of the lenses.


I also noticed that my Transitions Signature lenses are responsive not only to direct sunlight but also to indirect sunlight! Even when it is not completely sunny outside, reflections from indirect light can still make it difficult to see. When travelling, I often had to refer to maps or guide books (either physical copies or electronic versions on tablets) to confirm the direction we are going, the reflected sunlight off maps can be quite glaring, making it difficult to see.


My Transitions Signature lenses provided just the right amount of tint outdoors without impeding my vision. It also protects my eyes by blocking 100% of all UV rays – reducing glare, eye fatigue and strain.

Before I got my Transitions Signature lenses, I had always assumed that there are 2 colour settings with the lenses – dark or clear. But life is rarely black and white and the same applies to the Transitions Signature lenses. My Transitions Signature lenses changes its darkness depending on how bright it is. Under the midday sun, the lenses are darker (it gets even darker on hotter days too!) and are less dark in the evenings (as the sun is setting). The tint of the Transitions Signature lenses also adapt to the environment the wearer is in e.g. outdoors under hot sun – dark; cloudy day or under the shade – less dark and indoors – completely clear.


I like to travel light and bringing both spectacles and sunglasses out in Singapore is just too much “barang barang” to carry around especially when I will be indoors most of the time. With Transitions Signature lenses, I will just have to wear my spectacles and I am good to go!


When travelling overseas for holidays, even when putting on sunglasses under the hot sun, I won’t be able to see the scenery and other sights very well due to my myopia. It is also expensive to get both regular spectacles and prescription sunglasses – my expenses will double every time my vision changes! It is definitely much more economical to invest in Transitions Signature lenses plus I also carry less “barang barang” when travelling too.

Initially I had doubts about whether Transitions Signature lenses will work wherever I go in different parts of the world – my assumption was that if it was developed for Asia’s tropical climate, it might not perform very well during Europe’s cold winter. I was reassured when I read more about how Transitions tested their Transitions Signature lenses in more than 200 different real-life conditions in 1000+ scenarios representing various temperatures, weather conditions and geographies.

You can still stay cool even with Transitions Signature lenses as the lenses work in almost any frame and materials: plastic, metal rimless, semi-rimless or full frames. For example, mine is a semi-rimless lens. Transitions Signature lenses are offered in gray and brown colours. The gray tint is more neutral, true-to-life colour and the brown is contrast-enhancing.


Tempted? Ask for Transitions Signature lenses next time you do a new pair of spectacles. 🙂 You won’t regret it!

Find out more about Transitions Signature on their website: http://www.transitions.com/en-sg/products/transitions-signature/

You can also check out Transitions website to find out how the world looks like through Transitions Signature lenses through the Transitions Viewer:http://www.transitions.com/en-sg/virtual-viewer/

One thing to note about Transitions Signature lenses – The lenses will very likely not go dark in the car because car wind shields have UV absorbers to protect the interior of the vehicle from damaging effects of UV rays.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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