Travel Budget Planning

1 June, 2014

The annual vacation is not only the most exciting time of the year; it can also be one of the most expensive. In fact, unless you have recently bought a new house or car there is a very good chance your vacation will be the biggest purchase you make this year.

Having made such an investment it is tempting to spend incautiously in the mistaken belief that this is the best way to make the most of your time off and to ensure the time away lives up to your expectations of the experience of a lifetime. Such an attitude can be fun in the short-term but is also a way of building up financial problems. Problems that will be waiting for you when you get home and are guaranteed to spoil your memories, however special the trip was.

Top Tips on Saving Money While Travelling

Here are some top tips for how to save money while on the road:

  • Set yourself a budget and make it realistic. Budget with your partner or friends. Talk it through with your travelling companions and hold each other to account.
  • Be as detailed with your budget as you can be. Avoid thinking about the vacation as a whole and assigning a single lump sum to cover your whole itinerary. Instead, think about what activities you will be doing when and allocate yourself a daily budget. This will help you avoid spending everything in the first few days.
  • Do your research and book activities in advance. When you have an idea of the sort of activities you will be doing, check out some price comparison and special offer websites to make sure you get the best deals.
  • Ask around and get some recommendations. Speak to friends and family who have been on similar holidays and find out what they enjoyed the most. Independent review websites are also an invaluable source of advice and information. This will help ensure you are really making the most of your time and your money.
  • Think outside the box and consider some low-cost or even cost-free options, then balance these against high expense activities. Not everything has to come with a price tag. Some of the most memorable experiences cost absolutely nothing. Walks in the woods or playing on the beach for example provide the sort of memories that last a lifetime.

What to Do if the Money Runs Out

However organized you are and strict with your budget, unexpected events with hidden costs can and do occur. To really relax and fully enjoy your vacation it is comforting to know what to do should the worst happen and funds run out. Money transfer facility such as TransFast at provides fast online money transfer delivery times and is a convenient and secure way of transferring funds anywhere in the world. Payments can be made as cash or direct to an account with the highest locked-in online exchange rate guaranteed.

With detailed forward planning, careful consideration of all your options and a bit of self-discipline, it really is possible to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

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