3 Tips for Travelling with Kids

15 July, 2015

If you are planning a trip where you will be bringing your child on a road trip for the first time, this blog post will provide you with a few tips that might help your trip be more enjoyable. A child’s perspective of the world is very different from adults – while we as adults can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the drive or entertain ourselves with games and apps like platinum play casino, just two hours on the road can feel like eternity and anything outside the car will be very boring for young children. Planning is key to success when travelling with kids e.g. how to keep the kids occupied and what are their meal times.

Be Very Flexible with Travelling Schedules

Be flexible. Set realistic expectations about how much you can cover daily and at the same time let your child experience travel at his or her own pace. You might want to limit exciting activities to one a day so as not to over-stimulate your child.  Also plan for rest stops. Kids need to stretch out after being cooped up in a car for a while. Keep their muscles active by bringing along a ball for them to kick or throw around during these breaks.

Don’t Forget Essentials when Packing as well as Treats for the Kids

Bring water and plenty of snacks (and bring healthy ones – not potato chips and chocolate). Fruit, granola bars, mini juice cartons and small boxes of cereal make for great healthy snacks for your kids.  Also ensure that you bring along your kid’s favorite toy e.g. his cuddly toy or blankie that helps him to feel safe and secure.

Pack entertainment too to keep them occupied during the trip e.g. favorite books, games and toys.  It need not be physical toys – you can also think of games to play with them during the journey e.g. “story starters” where one family member starts the story with a simple “Once upon a time” statement. Each family member then takes a turn to build on the story. These stories can take imaginative, often humorous turns that entertain and create memories.

Keep to Key Routines for your Kids

Start and end your day trip early. Kids are at their best in the morning, so plan for the more exciting activities for the morning. Kids have routines – while I said above to be flexible with schedules, kids’ routines should not be disrupted e.g. eating and napping. Try to ensure that they are held at the same time each day so as to provide your child with a comfortable safe environment despite being at different locations during the trip.


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