4 Tips on Travelling with Pets

26 April, 2021

If there’s one thing I see a lot of on the travel pages I frequent, it’s the question about how to travel with a pet. We all want to see the world with our furry friends. We want to take our cats or dogs, and in some people’s cases, birds, with us on our trips.

If you’re curious about how to travel safely with your pet while having a great time, here are four tips to help make it easier for you:

1.  Calm them before you take off.

When we say take off, this can mean on the road or flying. However, when we say calm them, we don’t mean tranquilizing with a sedative. Dogs or cats may be unable to regulate their body heat on the flight, so if you’re flying with your pet, or just heading out on the road, you can consider an option like a CBDfx pet tincture, which is great for managing their stress in events like travel, while also being safe for your pooch. If you’re flying with your pet in the cabin, it can be helpful to have them calm, as the last thing you want is a stressed-out pet on a flight.

2.  Where will you stay?

Where are you planning to stay? It may be wise to bring your pup’s crate, even if he doesn’t ride in it, in the car. If your trip is by air, you’ll have to do this anyway, but if you’re going on a road trip, you’ll want to make sure not to forget it. While you may be taking your pet out with you most of the time during your visit, there may be times where you’ll want to leave him at home (which may be a dog-friendly hotel, Airbnb, or friend’s house). Keeping them in a comfortable crate, such as the Diggs dog crate, while you’re gone ensures the pet’s safety while also making sure they don’t wreak havoc on your lodgings, due to being in an unfamiliar place, alone. If you’re booking a hotel or vacation rental, whether it be in a National Park or a busy city like San Francisco, make sure to double check that they allow pets.

3.  Avoid feeding your dog too soon before your flight or trip.

Just like some humans get car sickness, so too can your pup get motion-sickness. If you feed your pet too soon before the trip, you could end up with a car full of vomit or diarrhea, or worse yet, find your pet’s carrier a mess after your flight. Additionally, when road tripping with them, you’ll want to make sure to only feed them during your stops, as feeding them in the car could cause upset stomachs.

4.  Don’t leave them alone in the car.

In some cases, during spring or autumn, when you’re stopping to fill up on gas or run to use the restroom, it could be okay to leave them in the vehicle, with a crack in the window. Be aware that some people will break into cars to steal valuable puppies, etc., so you’ll want to keep that in mind. However, don’t leave them in the car during the summer, even with a window rolled down. This is especially true for destinations in warmer climates, such as the Philippines or Thailand. Heat can cause death quicker than many people realize, especially on an extremely hot summer day, so avoid leaving them in the car at all costs when it’s either too cold or too hot. It’s also important to keep them well-hydrated by carrying around a water bottle, such as the Highwave AutoDogMug.

In Conclusion

You want your pup or cat to go with you on your trip but as a good pet parent, you have your concerns. Traveling with your pet certainly requires careful planning and preparation, so that you can be sure they have everything they’ll need to stay safe and happy. Safe travels with your best friend!

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

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